A Newfoundland Tail


This lil' nugget is my Newfoundland Caswell. While I can no longer hold her since she just topped the 100-pound mark, she is and will always be my little bear. She came into my life not necessarily planned but at the perfect time...Right when she needed me and I needed her.

Caswell is my heart behind my tagline "a newfoundland tail" and also my growing collection of dog watercolor art prints in the shop. Newfoundlands usually have long, flowing tails. Most of their owners would call it a "trap all or knock off" because leaves, grass, pollen, pine needles all seem to get stuck in the fur and their tails are also great at clearing off a coffee table... Well, Caswell was born with a broken tail to which her breeder decided to dock and name her "Stubby."


Her brothers and sisters all had ribbons to tell them apart but everyone knew who stubby was. Since she did not have a tail she was not up to the "breed standards" for the Newfoundland breed for dog shows/breeding but that didn't matter to me. This sweet stub tail bear was mine from the moment I heard about her.

I have intentions of training her to be a therapy dog so I had to make sure her temperament was brave and loving and sure enough, she passed in flying colors. She has the kindest disposition and loves anything and everything she meets... except for a vacuum cleaner and hair dryer.


Caswell is a part of the American Kennel Club in a different way. She gets to come to work with me every day and make her visit (see: treat) rounds around my department floor. After treats she enjoys napping, on her back is preferred. Luckily, she is so lovable people can look past her goofy nature and slobber. A Newfoundland with no tail is the best newfie (and so far the only newfie) I have ever had.

She also has an Instagram... :) Follow Caswell here @newfiecaswell

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