Tips for Vacationing on a Budget


Budgeting is not fun but I am learning it is 100% necessary to live a well funded adult life. I unfortunately had to come to this realization after an extremely humbling experience of my account going into the red after a shopping-while-hungry grocery store trip. While a vacation is a break from your normal life, you still have your normal bills and paycheck.

I truly can't say that enough about sticking to a budget while on vacation. Returning from a trip to low accounts and higher bills is the opposite of returning refreshed and renewed. Ready for the number one tip?

MAKE PLANS! We had a few plan-less moments that could have been prevented and would have saved us $$ if we had only planned out our days a little more thoroughly. There is something to be said about an easy going, go-where-the-day-takes-you vacation BUT you can have money set aside for moments like that and still have plans.

Plans Should Include:

meals out to eat vs. meals cooked or made

restaurant prices nearby

additional activities -- state parks, snorkeling etc.

travel plans while you are there 

and time to do  a b s o l u t e l y  nothing


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