Newfoundland | Snow Days


As the days grow colder, Caswell grows more and more spritely. All this newfie wants to do is lay outside long enough for her drool to freeze over. #goals -- These are two of my favorite pictures of her from our last snow in March of 2017. She couldn't get enough! We both have our fingers and paws crossed that we have a few more winter wonderlands this season than last season.

I'm happy to be coming back from my blog hiatus now that I have a computer that stays on longer than 20 minutes prior to overheating... I plan on sharing more of Caswell's TPLO recovery journey as well as her continual physical therapy for her hips and of course, her all-around photographic nature. If you can't tell from my sub-head, this is her world and I am just living in it and am blessed to be sharing her "tail."


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