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2017 -- What a year! SO many life changes filled these 365 days. I love that my Best Nine consists of Tyler, Taylor, and Caswell.

Tyler and I started off the year by getting engaged on New Year's Eve! To say I was surprised is such an understatement. He proposed at his childhood home by the Christmas tree with my Grandmom's heirloom diamond and sapphire ring. After Facetime chats with my sister and our friends, we rushed over to my parent's house at 11:45 PM to ring in the New Year and share the news.

This year also included travels to Atlanta, Savannah, New York City, Southport, Wilmington, Greenville, Emerald Isle, Annapolis, D.C.,  Asheville, and did I already say Southport?  What can I say, I love to travel and will be more intentional about posting images from those trips and future trips in the year to come.

Some of my favorite moments of this year are included in my Best Nine but many are not. It is also important to remember that while a Best Nine is a great look back on a year, it doesn't show the full picture. It doesn't show the trials, failures, and growth that were also made in a year. It doesn't show the goals that were not accomplished or all around bad days.

I am starting to work on new goals for 2018 in my first set of yearly Cultivate What Matters Powersheets as opposed to last years 6-month set (I had the intention of doing two months per sheet but it never truly worked out.) I am guilty of setting big goals but missing the little steps that are necessary to take to eventually get me there. More to come on this!

Happy New Year friends -- cheers to 2018 and remembering a life well lived in 2017!

Photo Dec 21, 3 51 18 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraWhat a way to ring in the New Year....... We're ENGAGED!!! Blessed doesn't even begin to cover it ❀

Photo Dec 21, 3 58 32 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraY'all. So excited to have these back from our extremely talented photographers! @allyandbobby you are both incredible and so TALENTED! Thank you for serving others and us SO well with the gifts God gave you. Blessed to call you friends -- 325 days to go πŸ’•#MakeHerOfficHILL

Photo Dec 21, 3 51 34 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraWhere you go I'll go, where you stay I'll stay πŸ’•

Photo Dec 21, 3 58 02 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraWhen you get to be there to photograph your best friend's engagement -- who also happens to be your big sister πŸ˜πŸ’• love you Tay & Justin // @tayjones09


morgannalexandraThe snow bear in her natural element... COVERED in snow ❄️ I am starting up my blog again after a year hiatus (oops), now that I have a working computer that doesn’t overheat and shut down every 20 minutes. The old trusty Vostro has officially kicked the bucket after 7 years of faithful service. You can expect to see a little of everything from design work to travels to budgeting but you will most definitely see a whole lot of #newfiecaswellβ€” as she and I are pretty much the same person. 

Photo Dec 21, 3 58 18 PM.jpg

morgannalexandra"We love because HE first loved us." 1 John 4:19 // πŸ“· @allyandbobby #MakeHerOfficHILL

Photo Dec 21, 3 58 12 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraCan I just say that this little bear looks perfect on film?! πŸ’•Love her to the moon and back #newfiecaswell #MakeHerOfficHILL // πŸ“·@allyandbobby #contax645

Photo Dec 21, 4 00 05 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraBig smiles for Friday's and heading home to the lake this weekend together πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌalso this is one of my favorites, serious soft smiles turned laughing // photo by @allyandbobby #MakeHerOfficHILL

Photo Dec 21, 3 59 22 PM.jpg

morgannalexandraTomorrow is back to the real world but I am so thankful for a few days of rest and snow frolics with these two❄️

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