Thursday, April 21, 2016

Caswell: week two

This sweet girl, while a lot of work, makes my days so much better. From her morning bird chirps to her impressive car ride drool, she knows how to make people laugh!

1// This picture is from a while ago but it one of my favorites. My Granddad passed away last week and I always enjoyed taking Caswell to visit him in his nursing home. Caswell is actually named after the beach I grew up going to with him, Grandmom and the rest of the Jones gang. Such great memories of him body-surfing the morning away behind our beach house, Jonah's Whale.

2// She NEVER, and I mean never lays down in the car so this was a historic moment (that quickly ended).

3// Caswell is an outside dog a heart and will spend hours laying on a porch or deck if I let her.

4// Celebrating my Grandparents lives at their home for the last time, so many feels.

5// A new dog bed! Hopefully she will lay on this one since she does not like the $$$ orthopedic bed that I got for Christmas. #dogmomstatus

6// Yes, the feather is still in her hair, only on one side though! She secretly loves it.

7// I leave for vacation tomorrow (post to come!) so Caswell is on vacation at the farm aka my parent's house! Complete with a backyard for romping, a pool & lake for swimming and even another dog to pay with, sorry Jetson.

Stay tuned for more of the #newfiecaswell, you can also follow her on Instagram @newfiecaswell!

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