Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Caswell: week three

While I was away on vacation my parents got to watch Caswell... anddd by the looks of all the pictures I received during my trip, they have been having a great time!

1// This sweet little girl has known Caswell from day one when they were just about the same size!

2// Jetson and Caswell out for a stroll before the sun gets to hot.

3// Caswell loves to jump up on the gate and greet whoever is coming home. You can tell she is very proud of herself!

4// She is feeling guilty about stealing Jetson's spot on the back porch couch....NOT!

5// Sitting pretty for some homemade key lime pie.

6// Bonding with a weary Jetson... with her toy of preference a stuffed chicken, which is ironic because she is allergic to chicken, ha!

7// Yep, that's a bandanna.. on her newfie fro. :) 

Stay tuned for more of the #newfiecaswell, you can also follow her on Instagram @newfiecaswell!

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