Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CASWELL: week one

I will do a full post on this sweet newfie bear who  inspires this blog (and the tag line of tail instead of tale) and my shop in another post but first... please enjoy a few days in the life of Caswell.

1// Caswell went to a new groomer and instead of the silly little bow groomers usually put in her hair, she got some hot pink feather hair extensions.

2// She is a daily coworker of mine at AKC Reunite. Her days consist of elevator rides, treats, slobbering, sleep, treats, and more sleep.

3// Caswell goes to Charoltte and rocked it as a city dog for a day.

4// Planning out which food truck she should beg from next.

5// I decided to wear lipstick once.. Caswell decided to lick it of...

6// My parents dog, Jetson, pretends to like Caswell for a picture.

7// Our family selfie featuring: Jetson leaving, Caswell avoiding being picked up, and as always half of my Dad's face yelling, "CAPTURE!"

I am aiming for one of these posts a week, so stay tuned for more of the #newfiecaswell!

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