Wednesday, August 13, 2014


August completely got away from me friends! July was a very full month but August is proving to be just as busy. This August is the first in 17 years (?!) that I will not be heading to school... so crazy. I was never one who excelled on tests or in 8 a.m. classes but goodness, do I love buying school supplies and walking into new classes with a fresh set of Paper Mate pens. 

The gentleman and I in the picture above spent some quality time together before all of my first chemistry, organic and physics tests. "Rumor" has it that by rubbing his head (or kissing his cheek) you will pass your first science tests... I must have done it wrong :) This month will look differently for me this year than it ever has before but I am trying my best to embrace this new adventure. 

Start planning out my days in my new, beautiful Day Designer

REST at the beach for a quick weekend

Read Matthew and don't be afraid to mark it up

Get back into a routine of daily quiet times and working out

Do not get overwhelmed about two weeks of sharing a room with my sister :)

Pray daily over Cottage Hill's Kickstarter contributors

TWO Cottage Hill editorial shoots

Start drawing designs for NEW Morgan Alexandra prints

Shoot a wedding at the end of the month with Emily

Instagram highlights from July include... July 4th Charlotte Knights game with my family. // A beautiful reception at The Cotton Room with Emily March Photography. // Championship swim meet poster making with the Trump Piranhas. // Finally finding a sun hat I love from LOFT. // A perfect evening trail ride with some old friends. // The beautiful Cape Lookout on a cloudy and very rainy day.

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  1. So thankful for you and sending love and prayers your way!