Monday, July 21, 2014


Jumping up and down over here!! One of my favorite prints is being featured on Pretty Fluffy today in the Shop It column! The Pretty Fluffy blog is perfect for every dog owner and I am beside myself that this heartfelt print was chosen to be featured. This print means so more than words, ink and gold foil to me. This print represents my heart for animals, design and doing just what it says-- chasing my dreams.
I created this print one evening after receiving an email from a company I was really excited about. Needless to say, their response was a big-fat-no because "Your degree is not reputable in this field." After reading that response, I started doing what I love-- designing. I included a sweet black lab to represent my degree and my love of dogs...who chases what they want more than dogs do?! :)
Use the coupon code PRETTYFLUFFY in the Morgan Alexandra Shop to receive 15% off!

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