Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The perfect day trip involves spending the day in one of your favorite places or somewhere new. My sister and I decided to "plan" a trip to the North Carolina coast the night before we went. A day trip to somewhere you know and love is a great way to spend a relaxing day away from your usual routine. Our day consisted of renting a car, relaxing on the beach, taking a ferry ride and eating delicious was a great day!

Step One | Decide who to take with you
This step is an important one. Who you travel with sets the tone for the trip. I love taking unplanned spur of the moment trips with my sister or best friends because we truly can just take the clothes on our back with us (and a bathing suit!) and figure out the rest!

Step Two | Pick a place
If you are planing the day trip the DAY of the trip, be sure to pick a place you already know and love. That way you can spend your day enjoying your favorite place rather than trying to find yourway around a new one! If you are planning the trip in advance to somewhere new, take time to research places to visit and things to do during your time there.

Step Three | Manage expenses
If you are planning a trip on a budget, make sure to pack meals. I always try to pack meals for breakfast and lunch so I can eat out for dinner at a great place like Yacht Basin Provision Company! Splitting the gas bill is another great way distribute the cost of the trip among the travelers.

Step Four | Be flexible
Sometimes plans fall through and weather doesn't cooperate, be willing to change plans once you make it to your destination. Sometimes the best adventures are the unplanned adventures!

Happy Day-tripping this summer!

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