Saturday, May 10, 2014


Today is the day! I can NOT believe that I graduate from college today. According to my sweet friend and engineer roommate Emily :) ... "Only 6.7% of people in the world can say they have a college degree." I am so proud to be able to say that I am now a part of that percent with a Bachelor's of Science in animal science and a minor in journalism! Over the course of four years at North Carolina State University, I have met some amazing people who would turn into my closest friends and I have learned so much about myself and what I want to bring to the world.
While so many things changed over those (super fast) four years, a few things remained. My parents love and support for me means more to me than I could ever write. I am so thankful to have such giving and godly parents to lead me in my faith and show me what truly matters in life. I am incredibly grateful for their emotional, prayerful and financial support through college. Dad and Mom, I couldn't have done this without you both. I love you so much... I did it!!

My major is also something that did not change over the course of my four years at NC State. This is crazy but I picked my major at the age of SIXTEEN when I applied to NCSU. That absolutely blows my mind. Growing up, I always thought I was going to become a veterinarian. I have such a love for animals and thought the best way to demonstrate that love was through veterinary medicine. However, once I met the lovely organic chemistry, I realized God wanted me to show my love in a different nonscientific way... HA! Rather than go through the painstaking process of changing my major and falling behind, I added a minor in something else I loved, journalism.

My minor gave me the opportunity to enter the world of communications. I have been blessed to have held an incredible internship with North Carolina Sea Grant for the past two years. I have had the opportunity to have numerous articles published in Coastwatch magazine and my mom still asks me to sign each one! :) I would have never found this opportunity if it wasn't for my odd combination of animal science and journalism.

My faith is the other constant in my four years of college. College is tough and it is so easy to get caught up in the "college scene." But my faith is the one thing that absolutely made my college experience. My faith brought me to a community of amazing friends who also love to have good, clean, goofy fun. Friends who are there to build each other up in faith and be there for you when the days are tough. I am so thankful for these sweet friends and the love we share!
God knew what He was doing when He guided (shoved) me to attend NC State, which was not my first choice to say the least. He kept tugging on my heart just at the right moments to make sure I stayed... And here I am, graduating from North Carolina State University alongside my closest friends!

Photography by Emily March Photography

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment!! I know God has many great things in store for you. You look beautiful. :)